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 In spite of the dryness and hopeless view, the Sahara is a territory of immense open lands filled with life, irrigated by the rivers Senegal, Niger and Nile. Over the centuries, magnificent civilizations have emerged here: black and white people, Coptic Christian, Jews and Muslims, nomadic shepherds, fishermen and sedentary farmers have all cohabited. We travel across this land to narrate the stories of the men and women of Sahel, their trials for survival at extreme conditions while losing their ancestral way of life.


1. The heartbeat of life
2. Men of the sea
3. Desert gathering
4. The genies of the river
5. D’jembe dream
6. Journey to the origins
7. Azalai, the caravan of peace
8. Crossing paths
9. The color of the earth
10. Adam’s apple
11. Jongleurs of time
12. White coat sorcerers
13. Midnight in D’jibouti






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