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A TV movie that shows us the story of two women that live an amazing experience beyond senses

This is a trip to the deepest parts of the Yunque and the caverns of Camuy in Puerto Rico. It´s an astonishing place surrounded by the wildest nature.

One certain day Jennifer and Chris found on internet an add inviting to everyone searching for happiness to join a trip to that amazing place. They would have a spiritual guide with them during their journey.  

They thought it was a strange add, filled with spiritual messages inviting to an adventure that sounded great…and at the end of the add there was a sentence by the great writer Pablo COELHO“Man forgets, sometimes, his origins but nature never does¨

Together both will start a vacation that will rock their world, traveling to an unknown dimension, a labyrinth of inexplicable situations, terror, and moments of panic… Chris and Jennifer will face the mysteries of the universe to learn which their real place in this world is.

 This is a TV movie that will shock audiences revealing the senses that reign in our souls, and telepathy is a third protagonist of this story. 

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